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Ollie completes work experience at Eatmovelift

Works Experience At Eatmovelift

My name is Ollie Thorpe, I study a level 3 sports course at Riseholme College. When I’m older I aspire to be a personal trainer and as part of our course a period of work experience was required. I had previously heard of Eatmovelift on Facebook, so while I was searching for places, I emailed Tom. He instantly replied saying he would be interested in helping me do the work experience. We scheduled a phone call to discuss the opportunity further, and he was helpful and knowledgeable about personal training and went over some things we would go through.

My first day at eat move lift went really well. I got settled in a few minutes after walking through the door and Tom and I got along well. I was introduced to the studio, and then we discussed some Anatomy And Physiology where we went over the structure of the shoulder joints. Tom then gave me an ICT task to design an assessment evaluation table tom had to make for a CPD (continued professional development) course that he has written and will be selling. Tom then allowed me to observe 1-1 and group training. While watching the sessions it made me want to commit to personal training as a career even more because you could tell that the clients wanted to do better, and when they were struggling tom motivated them allowing them to go out of their comfort zone. Tom also took me through some of the history of Indian club swinging which was interesting to hear about because of how much it’s changed over time and how it is becoming a popular form of exercise again. We also discussed about all the different places personal training can take you and the opportunities it can create such as going abroad to do it professionally or working online.

My second day was just as good, we went through how to clean the gym environment and make sure it was safe for clients to use. I was shown how to write contracts and invoices and was informed what they are and how to present them. I watched another 1-1 personal training session and then observed Tom perform a sports massage on a client and the different ways to do so. This was really interesting to see because he showed the different massage techniques and form to get at the targeted area. Tom explained about other courses and opportunities that I could do after college to gain more experience in personal training. Then at the end of the day we recorded some videos for online marketing. The deadlift is an exercise I told tom I needed some help with, so we recorded deadlift demonstrations and the correct technique and form. Tom explained why it’s important to do online videos because it attracts clients and sells yourself.

The last day I observed another 1-1 where you could see the hard work the client was putting in and Tom giving him constructive feedback and praising his commitment. After that I had a session and using some of the equipment. I was able to watch a virtual 1-1 between Tom and a client in Hong Kong. It was nice to see other communication tools and methods used in personal training.

Overall, I was very happy with my experience at Eatmovelift and would happily do it again. Tom is a well experienced and very knowledgeable person and knows exactly what he’s talking about. He always helped me when I needed it. The environment is unique because it has history in it of older sporting machines and Indian clubs. Also, the courses he has to offer are good because he teaches how to swing the Indian clubs as well as teaching personal training massaging course as well. I would recommend Eatmovelift for anyone who wants to go out of their comfort zone and improve. Thank you for this experience Tom!

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